Pentview – Trading Platform & CRM System White Label

Trading platform and CRM that will bring your company to the next level

Cooperation that brings you benefits


Better consumer awareness

The CRM system from Pentview is a key tool for client management of your company.
A CRM framework is a strategic tool for the main company departments, that include sales, marketing, customer support, and more.


Improved segmentation

Customer segmentation has never been so easy-going. Divide your customers into the target groups and move your customer management to the next level. Sort user profiles by separate categories, improving your marketing strategy and sales.


Smart customer retention

CRM system is not just a tool for finding and connecting to your clients, it is also an important asset to improve the customer experience of the existing users. Watch all the actions on the clients profile to offer him the best service.

Why us?

A fresh new start

Smart data collection and processing systems will give you and your team an opportunity to improve your performance level which will lead you to new business opportunities. With Pentview services you will see trading in a new way

Oriented solutions

An easy-to-use platform with a wide range of trading assets will be the best option for your customers. And the CRM white label will give you and your employees all needed tools for client management and exceptional work performance.

Financial Possibilities

Better sales performance, improved reliability, tactical decision-making, and stronger data protection are the main advantages of using our services for your company. With the cutting-edge technologies of CRM and trading platform from Pentview, you will monetize your business about 70% faster than any other trading company.

Integrate Pentview software into your trading company and see the constant growth of sales and profits. With our trading platform, your customers will enjoy operating at any level of trading experience, and you will have easy access to all the important data stored in the CRM system.

Platform and CRM system

Trading platform and CRM from Pentview are created to give you and your customers an exceptional trading experience. Check it out!


Frederick Johnson

Pentview helped me to launch my trading website extremely quickly and now I have successfully growing business. I am very thankful to the whole team that they provided me with quality service and support.

Harry Smith

I am planning to integrate this software into my trading company, and I really like that Pentview has such an extensive service range

John Potter

I am using CRM from Pentview for several months and I can assure you that it is the best! I can easily supervise the work of my managers and track their performance. And my team is totally satisfied with functions for client management.

Olivia Barnes

Both the CRM system and trading platform from Pentview are amazingly easy to use. I am glad that I have chosen this software for my business. Moreover, the team of Pentview is always helping if I have any issue.

Ben Wilson

After implementing this trading platform on my website, I started to receive a lot of satisfactory feedback from my clients and saw a great sales boost.

It takes only 24 hours to implement our software


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