About us

About us

Pentview – is a company, built on years of trading experience and tones of used software. Trying different platforms and CRM systems we eventually understood the errors that all these services had in common. That is how we decided to create this software. The software, that allows users to operate easily without any previous preparation. The software, that will give the broker an opportunity to provide the best quality service to the user. Today, with CRM from Pentview you can easily access and process the data, create structured and complete reports, manage and supervise your team and their work performance. And differently from other CRM systems, here you can find all this information just in a couple of clicks.

  • 2015

    In the year 2015, when online trading became extremely popular, several members of our team decided to form a company that would provide IT services for trading brokers.

  • 2016

    After a year of cooperation with different brokers, our team decided that they need to grow and develop more serious products. We needed to find a unique product that would serve both brokers and traders.

  • 2018

    The year 2018, we spent planning, developing and designing. We wanted our product to be flawless and suitable for any kind of broker. That is when Pentview CRM and the trading platform started their formation.

  • 2019

    As soon as the product was designed and all the details thought through, we started the development. Days and nights our team was working on the product and finally, we had it ready to present to the world.

  • 2020

    After the launch, Pentview started to grow rapidly and have the first clients. With every new client we have been getting new experience and new ideas. That is how we formed the company of Pentview.

  • 2021

    Today Pentview is a successfully growing company that has the trust of clients from all over the world. We are helping brokers to develop their companies, to grow, and give them the constant support of Pentview.