How to Create a Broker Website from Zero

Today all the brokers work online, and they are the majority have a website where they provide their services. This is why, if you want to become a Forex broker, you have to know how to create a broker website. Of course, today, most brokers choose to hire a company that will build their website and make it work correctly.

This article will tell you how to create a broker website from zero and how to make it successful. You will learn the most critical features of brokers websites and how to use them in your favour.

Requirements to Create a Broker Website

The websites for brokers are more complex and specific compared to other websites. Here are several aspects did you have two consider while creating your website:

  1. Payments

Most of today’s brokers provide their clients with instant payments. With such systems, clients can immediately deposit and withdraw the funds with no problem.

2. Security

For every broker, security is the most crucial aspect of the business. A security system for company and client’s data is a must-have for every Forex broker.

3. Support

All the clients must have constant support from their broker. That is why every website must have a support system for the clients.

4. Accessibility

The users should have access to your website from any device and browser. Make sure that your website is adaptive.

5. Design

User-friendly design is one of the most attractive parts of a website. Create a unique and intuitive website and see the positive feedback from your clients.

How to develop a successful website for a broker?

The most important aspect that will define the success of your website is the design. Here are several tips that will help you create a website that will attract users to use your services. 

Intuitive Navigation

While creating a website for your company, try to look at it from your client’s side. Make the navigation simple and make sure that all the important information is easy to reach. The same rule applies to the trading platform that you provide for the clients.

For example, the trading platform from Pentview is available for traders of any level of experience. An intuitive design allows them to quickly look for assets, release operations, and analyse the market. With Pentview, even the newbies will become professionals.

Easy Access

Make sure that your clients have easy access to your website and platform. Make the registration process quick and easy so that the clients can access the platform in a couple of clicks. Most of the popular platforms allow their clients to register with Gmail, Facebook or other media. Such a process is much easier than a regular registration.

If you need additional information from the client, it is better to ask it after registration. In this case, your customer will not be bothered by long forms in the registration process. However, it is crucial to inform the client about your terms and conditions or other agreements before creating an account.

Trading Platform

A trading platform is the base of your brokerage activity. Integrate your website with a trading platform that will be easy to use for every one of your clients. Ensure that you are providing the most popular and important assets of the markets and trading tools that will help your users operate.

For example, the trading platform from Pentview gives every one of your clients a wide range of trading tools, assets, and even trading assistance. And with a CRM system integrated into the platform, it will be easier to manage your clients and employees.

Bottom Line

One of the most critical tasks for a broker is to create a broker website. From our article, you got to know that this process can be complex and requires specific knowledge. However, you can always use the help of professionals.

For example, the team of Pentview is always ready to help you create a broker website and provide assistance related to it. Contact us today and get a free consultation about creating a trading website from zero with Pentview.

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