How do you start a general trading business?

Write a business model

It’s your opportunity to make something bigger, and establish a successful business, so conduct market research. Study the cost that it will bring to generate a general trading business. Look for people that can become your partners, and help you build your business. Try to look for different ways in which you can win and earn money. Further, consider the positions and the number of people you need to hire in your company such as listing specialists, admin assistants, etc. 

Choose a Platform Provider

Pentview can help you by providing a trading platform for your brokerage service. You can obtain it in a package with a CRM system and Whitelabel. You can contact us, to do so, leave your contact information to have a meeting and talk more about our products. We have the best prices in the market to start your business. 

Register your company

Every country has its own regulations about brokerages. For that reason, it is important that when you start your trading business consider selecting the jurisdiction in which you plan to set up it. When you register your company, you have to complete a background check and firm several security regulations. And even there would be a previous verification of your criminal record.

Study your competitors 

You must offer something that is not available in the market yet. So, it is necessary that you study your competitors. Take note of their weaknesses. What should be improved? What is something that trades would you like to have? If you have experience as a trader, that will benefit you, and you must take that in advance and propose something attractive, and that generates income for your company.

Build your brand 

There are several important aspects that you have to consider when you are building your brand. First, you need to have a name to be recognized and differentiate from other trading platforms. If you are not too sure about the name that you’re company will have, talk about it with someone, share ideas, and name your brokerage. Second, it’s important to have a logo, in case you need help generating it, we can do it for you. Finally, write a tagline, something short that can summarize your brand and that generates impact in those who read it. 

Find your office space 

Look for the space in which you and your team will work. This should be a comfy place, where there is no noise, and your employees can work in good conditions. It’s a good idea if you find a place that is near the subway, or something like that, so in that way, they will be able to transform from their home to office easily.

Build your team 

Find people who are proactive, that want to grow, and that can share good ideas to make your business grow. It’s necessary that you and your team follow the same objective and are inspired on doing their best in their job. You don’t want to have a team which you have to call their attention all the time. You need people that know what to do and that follow a specific objective. 

How to apply?

In order to apply you need to send an email to hr@pentview.comincluding the following information and questions:

  • LinkedIn link profile
  • Attach Resume/CV
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Current company

Please answer the following questions

  • Where do you currently live? (Country, city)
  • What is your Nationality?
  • Do you have working permission in the country you currently live?
  • What is your motivation to apply for this position?
  • What is your previous experience related to this position?
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