Starting a new business, what is required?

When starting a new business there are a lot of things coming in the way, and you should be prepared for it. 

Based on our experience we acknowledge that establishing a new company is not easy or fast, it will take you some time or a lot of it to be well established on the market, and if you are not well organized or informed about the market you are into it will cost you a lot more of what you are receiving as a profit, and it is something we should all avoid. 

Organization is one of the most important qualities in business and mostly if you have direct contact with your partners or clients, in this case with Pentview CRM you are able to organize your company as you wish, from users to filter and gadgets, if you are organized inside your company be sure that it will succeed sooner or later but it will!

You must have your priorities in order, understand what, when, where and how do you want something done inside your company, as the general manager of the company you should be aware of everything and the best way of doing it is by understanding your teammates and their skills so tasks can be given in the right way, when you don’t get to know your employees you will face a lot of issues in the way since you are not giving the right tasks to the right employe. The main point here is to understand the tools that can be used so your company can produce 100% from the beginning. 

Be focus, most of the people are completely focused when starting a new company but once the benefits are coming and it is better than expected most of the CEOs tend to lose their focus and leave the company as a secondary activity, it is wrongfully done as most of the companies go bankrupt when this happen, if your company has grown that much it is thanks to your work and dedication to it, if you stop it from one day to other things will fail and your business will fail.

In general starting a new project is always a complex activity but it is easier to be done when you do things right, remember that everything is possible if you are always looking for improvement and focused on your goals.

How to apply?

In order to apply you need to send an email to hr@pentview.comincluding the following information and questions:

  • LinkedIn link profile
  • Attach Resume/CV
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Current company

Please answer the following questions

  • Where do you currently live? (Country, city)
  • What is your Nationality?
  • Do you have working permission in the country you currently live?
  • What is your motivation to apply for this position?
  • What is your previous experience related to this position?
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