What type of Forex CRM does your company need?

Today all Forex brokers know that their success directly depends on customers satisfaction. As a result, client management became a key to high profits, and every company is seeking the best software that will help manage their clients efficiently. The most crucial instrument for client management is CRM. With the right Forex CRM system, you will always know vital information about your clients.

Additionally, you will always be aware of their activity and interests, which will help you provide them with the best service. So, how to choose the right Forex CRM system among hundreds of companies that offer such software? This article will explain what qualities you should have in your perfect CRM and why your business needs it. 

Why do brokers need a special Forex CRM?

As we all know, Forex brokers always work with various trading platforms, which have information about the trading activity of the client, his progress, and his interests. Usual CRM systems will give you the client management, but they will not be integrated into the trading platform and give you the important data about the client. 

That is why your Forex company needs software that will be able to collect and store clients’ personal info, record their trading activity, and allow you to find a unique approach to every client. 

Let’s check the most essential features that a Forex CRM should have.

1. Complete information about every client

CRM for Forex company must include not only primary data of your client and interactions with him. It must also include the information about all trading activity of the client, his interactions with your company, payment information, and much more.

For example, with software from Pentview, you will receive complete reports about every client. That is how you will always know what you can offer to your customer and how you can improve his trading experience.

2. Smart Segmentation

To keep your customers happy, you have to find the right approach to every one of them. But how to do it if you have thousands of users and every one of them wants to receive personal assistance? The answer is simple – smart segmentation.

With this tool, you will easily divide your clients into logical groups and provide personalized assistance for every group. For example, you can divide your clients by brands, departments, languages, trading preferences, etc. Having your leads in separate groups will give you a clear image of every client’s preferences and help you provide personal attention to every user.

3. Activity Record

For the Forex CRM, it is crucial to be aware of the trading activity of your clients. With such information, you and your managers will be aware of the clients current trading situation, so they will be able to know when and how they can help the client.

Moreover, knowing your client’s preferences, you will always know what offer they will be interested in.

4. Track of Communication

The communication of the client with your company is usually done by account managers or customer care agents. And it is very important to track all the information that client shares with your employees. That is why every Forex CRM must have a feature that shows all personnel communication with clients.

This feature is created not just to keep track of your employee’s performance but also to receive valuable insights about the trading experience of every client.

5. Customization

The last but not least beneficial feature is customization. Every trading company is unique, and every broker may need a special feature that will help them provide a better service. So make sure that the software you are using is flexible and can be adapted to your unique business management.

With the possibility of adjusting your CRM to your needs, you will be able to provide exceptional service for every client and feel comfortable with the software you are using.


Forex CRM is a complex system that includes many specialized instruments. Without them, your company will not be able to take complete control of client management and improve a customer experience. 

With Forex CRM from Pentview, your company will not just manage the leads efficiently, but it will give every client the benefit of a personal approach and unique trading experience. Try the Demo Version Now now and make sure that this software is perfect for your trading company.

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